RCS Systems Reading Group

When: Winter 2019, every Friday at 11:30
Where: DC3552D

Each week we will assign a moderator that will be responsible for moderating the discussion. You do not need to prepare slides, your responsibility is to direct the flow of the discussion. It is everyone’s responsibility to have read the papers prior to coming to the group.

Winter 2019 Papers

Date Paper Moderator
2/15/19 Arachne
2/8/19 L4 Titus
2/1/19 Exokernel Aimilios
1/25/19 Arrakis Ryan

Past Papers

Semester Paper
Fall 2018 Dark Silicon and the End of Multicore Scaling
Fall 2018 Stride Scheduling
Fall 2018 BVT Scheduling
Fall 2018 Petal and Frangipani
Fall 2018 Replication in the Harp Filesystem
Fall 2018 Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance
Fall 2018 Viewstamped Replication
Fall 2018 HP AutoRAID
Fall 2018 Hyperupcalls
Fall 2018 Clock PRO
Spring 2018 Adaptive Replacement Cache
Spring 2018 Fast File System
Spring 2018 Write Anywhere File Layout
Spring 2018 Log File System
Spring 2018 Ori File System
Spring 2018 Scalable Communiativity Rule
Spring 2018 Design Evolution of the EROS Single-Level Store
Spring 2018 Slab Allocator & Magazines and Vmem